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I started writing as a child. First thank you notes my mother taught me to write before I got to play with the gifts given to me, then short stories to entertain my parents on special occasions. When I was eight, I wrote stories explaining why elephants had trunks and giraffes had such long necks.

My first official book was co-authored with other parents who had miscarried their pregnancy. Then my writing expanded to newspaper feature articles, profiles on volunteers and travel articles. Two romance novels I had fun writing and having critiqued with my trusted writers group, until I fell in love with the mystery short story and flash fiction format. All the while, contributing business articles. The theme that ran through all of them were the spiritual lessons I unwittingly embedded in each story.

My work as a professional therapeutic harpist led me to write children's books for a forgotten segment: children who are differently-abled. In the Sweet Pony series, these lovely children are main characters, along with my own Chincoteague pony named Sweetheart.

Recently, two business books, co-authored with other talented writers became best sellers.  And now, I'm beginning to finally write what I call my BiG book -- the book I feel directed by Spirit to write.  It is 12 principles to creating the life you want and instilling in yourself the thought processes to fast track yourself to manifesting what you want in your personal and business life.  "Harness The Power of Your Words" will be available soon!

I write from the heart and I want you to share your own book written from your heart. I'd be honored to mentor you on your journey.

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